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For over 25 years, the Jewish Film Festival of Southwest Florida has presented a diverse selection of outstanding Jewish films.  In February 2022, join us for another year of engaging films that examine Jewish history, heritage, and culture. At this point in time, we are planning an in-person festival. See you at the movies!



The 26th annual Jewish Film Festival will be like no other! The festival will be a hybrid format with in-person screenings at the Regal Belltower Theater, as well as simultaneous online showings, allowing you to enjoy it your way - in person, or online.


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Sunday, February 6 (3:00 PM)

Comedy Documentary, English, 88 Minutes


Sponsored by: Karin Fine

A revealing documentary that follows the life and career of Howie Mandel, a veteran comedian, actor and producer arguably most known for his battle with OCD and being a judge on America’s Got Talent rather than for his comedic genius. The film explores his early years in the comedy industry and how he became a star on one of the most beloved television series ever, St. Elsewhere. We follow Howie on the road while he performs over 200 stand up performances each year to behind the scenes at AGT, and personal time with his family. The film also explores the personal struggles with OCD.

Through powerful on stage moments, intimate interviews and archival footage of his early performances – we discover how Howie emerged from being a carpet salesman to become one of the most famous and paradoxically approachable performers in the world.

Raw, funny and touching, the provocative story is told from the intriguing, and wild early days to his unprecedented success.



Tuesday, February 8 (7:15 PM)

Drama, German/French/Persian with Subtitles, 127 minutes

1942: Gilles, a young Belgian man, is arrested by the SS and sent to a concentration camp, where he avoids execution by convincing the guards he’s Persian—not Jewish. But then, he’s tasked with teaching Persian to the officer in charge of the camp’s kitchen, who dreams of opening a restaurant in Iran once the war is over. To survive, Gilles invents a language to teach the eager German. When the two men’s unusual relationship begins to incite jealousy and suspicion, Gilles becomes acutely aware that one false move could expose him.



Thursday, February 10 (7:15 PM)

Documentary, English/Hebrew with Subtitles, 72 minutes

In 1976, Aulcie Perry was playing basketball in Harlem when scouts from Maccabi Tel Aviv spotted and signed him. A year later, he led the team to their first European Championship, converted to Judaism, and become an Israeli citizen. His rise to fame was precipitous, and his relationship with supermodel Tami Ben Ami became the subject of relentless media attention, solidifying his status as one of Israel’s biggest stars. But behind the scenes, he had a growing drug addiction that culminated in his arrest and imprisonment, and since his release he has committed himself to uplifting those suffering from drug abuse and addiction.




Monday, February 14 (3:00 PM)

(Explicit Language) Drama, English, 98 Minutes


An unlikely friendship between a troubled, homeless teen, and a Holocaust survivor, sparks larger questions of ignorance, fear, lies, family, love, forgiveness and our divided world at large in this moving story.



Tuesday, February 15 (7:15 PM)

Documentary, English, 85 Minutes

Latter Day Jew follows H. Alan Scott, a gay former Mormon/converted Jew/cancer survivor/writer-comedian, as he finds his spiritual path and prepares for his Bar Mitzvah. 



Thursday, February 17 (7:15 PM)

Drama, Italian with English Subtitles, 100 Minutes

When Sofia finds an old snapshot in a neglected suitcase, she’s mesmerized by the child’s picture. As details emerge—the child’s name, separation from her parents during a Gestapo raid, and rescue by a nun—Sofia commits to honoring the girl’s memory by staging an original play with classmates and friends from a nearby Jewish high school. A talented ensemble injects youthful energy into this inspiring story about the importance of memory, coexistence, and reconciling generational frictions.



Tuesday, February 22 (7:15 PM)

Drama, Hebrew, 85 Minutes

Asia concentrates on her job as a nurse while Vika hangs out at the skate-park with her friends. Their routine is shaken when Vika's health deteriorates rapidly. Asia must step in and become the mother Vika so desperately needs. Vika's illness turns out to be an opportunity to reveal the great love within this small family unit.



Thursday, February 24 (7:15 PM)

Drama, English & Polish, 111 Minutes

Based on the true-life story of a 13 year-old Polish Jew. After a grueling escape to the Ukrainian countryside, Sara steals her best friend’s Catholic identity and finds refuge in a small village, where she is taken in by a farmer and his young wife. She soon discovers the dark secrets of her employers’ marriage, compounding the greatest secret she must strive to protect, her true identity.




Friday, February 25 (3:00 PM)

Documentary, English, 95 Minutes

Tamar Manasseh, the African American rabbinical student who is leading the fight against senseless killings on the south side of Chicago. Every day, Tamar, the vivacious, self-assured and magnetic mother of two, sits on the corner of 75th Street and South Stewart Avenue in the Englewood section of Chicago. This is the ghetto, where poverty, unemployment, addiction, and violence are rampant. Tired of waiting for politicians to do something, Tamar took the situation into her own hands.




Sunday, February 27 (3:00 PM)

Comedy Drama, English, 89 Minutes


Sponsored by: Norman Love Confections

The Israeli-Jewish side of his family calls him Avram. The Palestinian-Muslim side Ibrahim. His first-generation American agnostic lawyer parents call him Abraham. But the 12-year-old kid from Brooklyn who loves food and cooking prefers just Abe, and tries to unite his family through his culinary skills

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